“Investment and finance” and “Advisory” Cross-sectional and diverse service lineup
business outline

RISA is a professional firm offering “true” solutions (problem solving) for the financial and real estate markets, with cross-sectional and diversified services ranging from investment, financing to those-related advisory services.
The chart is a business outline of RISA.
Lateral: investment & financing or advisory service. Vertical; domains (i.e. corporate, loan assets or real estate).


RISA providing speedy and optimal solution
services provided

Our various expertise can provide a one-stop solution to both balance sheet and profit-and-loss account issues.

The chart is business services provided by RISA.


Three strengths to realize a flexible and speedy solution
Three strengths

We are able to provide optimal solutions to everyone because we have connected, experienced, and cultivated people.
01. Financial Institutions Network on Japan
02. Abundant achievements・know-hows
03. High expertise・Professional
By combining these three, we realize a unique solution.

Financial Institutions Network on Japan

Japan National outreach through 184 alliances with Japanese financial institutions(regional bank network).
56 revitalization funds(including 20 joint public-private sector funds) across prefectures.


  • Nationwide

    Development Bank of Japan

  • Hokkaido,Tohoku district

    The Hokkaido Bank/The Aomori Bank/The Michinoku Bank/The Shonai Bank/The yamagata Bank/The Bank of Iwate/The 77Bank/The Toho Bank

  • Kanto,Koshinetsu district

    Saitama Resona Bank/The Ashikaga Bank/The Joyo Bank/The Musashino Bank/The Chiba Bank/The Chiba Kogyo Bank/Kiraboshi Bank/The Daishi Bank/The Hokuetsu Bank

  • Hokuriku,Tokai district

    The Hokuriku Bank/The Toyama Bank/The Hokkoku Bank/The Shizuoka Bank/The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank/The Juuroku Bank/San ju San Bank/The Hyakugo Bank

  • Kansai,Chugoku,Shikoku district

    Tha Shiga Bank/The Bank of Kyoto/The Senshu ikeda Bank/Tha Minato Bank/The San-In Godo Bank/Hiroshima Bank/The Awa Bank/The Hyakujuushi Bank/The Iyo Bank/The Shikoku Bank

  • Kyusyu,Okinawa district

    The Bank of Fukuoka/The Bank of Saga/The Eighteenth Bank/Oita Bank/The Miyazaki Bank/The Kagoshima Bank/The Bank of Ryukyus/The Bank of Okinawa/The Nishi-nippon City Bank

Alliance contents

  • Public-Private fund

    … 20

  • Revitalization Fund

    … 9

  • Private Revitalization fund*
    (*including ship Fund)

    … 27

  • Revitalization Business

    … 20

  • Growth&Revitalization support

    … 6

  • Overseas Advance Supoort

    … 5

  • Regional sightseeing activation

    … 2

As of the end of September 2018

Abundant achievements・know-hows

We provide a variety of solutions based on the idea of market in which thinks about optimum solution from customer’s point of view, with abundant achievements and know-how accumulated while providing services in a wide range of business fields.



As of the end of September 2018

customer-oriented innovation, product development

We will provide optimal solutions to customers’ problems from the customer’s point of view.
RISA always develops its business creative and flexibly based on the concept of “market in”.

A professional group boasting high expertise

Professional who boasts high expertise in each field such as financial, real estate, tax etc. with RISA’s behavioral guideline “3V spirit” gathered.
We will build a work execution system that organically combines each experience and knowledge.

Professional fuses to provide solutions

Qualified people in various fields gather in RISA.
RISA combines its personnel flexibly.

professional group

RISA’s Behavioral guidelines “3V spirit”


    the wide perspective and
    the high prospect

    The wide perspective and the high prospect to rapidly identify and attain the business needs in today’s market situation where finances, real estate and work-out are all fusing with each other.


    the courage and
    the flexibility to face challenges

    The courage and the flexibility to challenge new business realm, methods and needs with priority on speed, quality, and integrity.


    the vigor
    to accomplish all ambition

    “Talk the talk, and walk the walk.” Accomplish all challenges and execute ambitions with vigor and determination.


Head Office in Japan
“RISA Partners, Inc.”

19F Shinagawa Intercity Tower C 2-15-3 Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo 108-6219 JAPAN


Each group company has succeeded RISA’s expertise in corporate,
receivables and real estate investment and advisory.
We will provide optimal solutions for our customers together with the RISA group.