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Corporate Philosophy

About RISA

Risa contributes to society as a creatively rich investment bank that combines investment and loan and advisory functions.

Based on the corporate philosophy below, RISA Partners constantly strives to raise our skills and strengthen our team of professional with numerous backgrounds in order to speedily and appropriately address our various clients needs.

RISA’s Behavioral guidelines “3V spirit”


    the wide perspective and
    the high prospect

    The wide perspective and the high prospect to rapidly identify and attain the business needs in todayʼs market situation where finances, real estate and work-out are all fusing with each other.


    the courage and
    the flexibility to face challenges

    The courage and the flexibility to
    challenge new business realm, methods
    and needs with priority on speed,
    quality, and integrity.


    the vigor
    to accomplish all ambition

    “Talk the talk, and walk the walk.”
    Accomplish all challenges and execute
    ambitions with vigor and determination.

Corporate vision

Born in Japan Investment banks raised in Japan,
and as “true” and “new” investment bank.
We enrich Japan and make it more active.


The essence of an investment bank is to provide optimal solutions to clients’ revelations and latent needs.


It always reads the trends of the times, captures the timing and continues to provide comprehensive and custom-made solutions with the concept of market in.

”We enrich Japan and make it more active.”

Support for corporate growth and regeneration leads to revitalizing the area.
And by expanding the area to all over Japan, we can realize this slogan.
Also, as a result of support from overseas expansion of Japanese companies, the field will expand to overseas centered on the Asia-ASEAN region.